Why Chalk & Wire?

Our solutions focus on helping people gain insight from sound assessment principles & methods. We combine advanced integration technologies, broad scope tools & assessment know-how to generate proactive assessment cultures, effective accreditation management & continuous improvement.

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Client Stories

“C&W assessment consultants [have] been critical to the improvement of our assessment system. Improving the clarity of assessment criteria has made our assessment processes more transparent to students and faculty.”

Donna Lewis,
Assistant Dean for Assessment,
University of Charleston

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Recent Post

New Years—The Morning After!

The days and weeks immediately after the start of a New Year are a time for new beginnings, leaving behind old doubts, embracing “the possible”. However, messing with user interfaces in web-based software is generally viewed as a minefield. The reasoning goes that people come to expect things to stay the same. It is true that we all like our world predictable, even if it’s a world full of things we do every day that drive us nuts. When you serve hundreds of thousands of students and faculty as we do on three continents, “moving cheese” would seem to be a potentially hazardous act in the extreme…

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News & Events

Chalk & Wire 2014 Annual User Conference
June 18-20, 2014

Graciously hosted by Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida— June 18-20, 2014. Click the graphic to learn more.

C&W—LIS 2.0 Compatibility
February 12, 2014

Chalk & Wire Announces LIS 2.0 Compatibility.