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Our solutions focus on helping people gain insight from sound assessment principles & methods. We combine advanced integration technologies, broad scope tools & assessment know-how to generate proactive assessment cultures, effective accreditation management & continuous improvement.

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Client Stories

“In a nutshell, Chalk & Wire has helped us identify commonalities and aspirations both in our curriculum and in our professional goals.”

Kristen Buchanan,
Lancaster General College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

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Recent Post

Your Partner in Disruption

Higher education is at a critical stage.  Institutions are being asked to do more with less, students have more options than ever before and federal and state agencies have sharpened their focus on campuses (virtual or brick-and-mortar) increasing their demands for indisputable proof that institutions are doing the job they claim to be doing. There are indeed many exciting pockets of innovation in instructional delivery. Listservs abound wherein university and college faculty and school IT professionals earnestly discuss and seek out the best-of-breed tools for their students.

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News & Events

C&W—LIS 2.0 Compatibility
February 12, 2014

Chalk & Wire Announces LIS 2.0 Compatibility.