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Our solutions focus on helping people gain insight from sound assessment principles & methods. We combine advanced integration technologies, broad scope tools & assessment know-how to generate proactive assessment cultures, effective accreditation management & continuous improvement.

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Client Stories

“Our assessment has become more purposeful—we are looking at the full arc of student growth and how each course contributes to that.”

Dee Crescitelli
Director of ESU Assessment and Alternative Certification
Union College

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2014: The Best Year Ever!

We are hardwired at Chalk & Wire to never make bombastic, self-serving statements. Also, as Canadians, we tend to understate practically everything we do—it’s an odd cultural trait some American observers have gone so far as to call self-deprecating. That being said, 2014 was the best, darned year we have ever had! So there, eh!

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News & Events

Chalk & Wire as Thought Leader
January 22, 2015

eCampusNews publishes our opinion about “2015: Key Trends in Higher Education”.

HLC Annual Conference
March 28-31, 2015

The 2015 HLC Annual Conference is one of the year’s largest higher education events.

AACTE’s 67th Annual Meeting
February 27- March 1, 2015

AACTE’s 67th Annual Meeting—starting February 27th, 2015.