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Our solutions focus on helping people gain insight from sound assessment principles & methods. We combine advanced integration technologies, broad scope tools & assessment know-how to generate proactive assessment cultures, effective accreditation management & continuous improvement.

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Liberal arts institutions are candidates to redefine assessment culture

As liberal arts colleges across the U.S. are in an increasingly competitive position, many of these same institutions are redefining the value of higher education through the implementation of comprehensive assessment solutions…

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A Fourth Path: A New Direction

Among educational practices there are few more controversial than assessment. Institutions addressing the assessment issue usually pursue one of three, generally unsuccessful, paths. Chalk & Wire has developed a white paper to explain those paths and raise the potential for a fourth—a path for high impact, which is largely the result of rigorous research conducted by our research team over the last eight years.

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“In a nutshell, Chalk & Wire has helped us identify commonalities and aspirations both in our curriculum and in our professional goals.”

Kristen Buchanan,
Lancaster General College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

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2015 Spring CAEPCon
April 9-10, 2015

2015 Spring CAEPCon—April 9-10