By Geoff Irvine on Monday, June 06, 2016

We are thrilled to announce that Chalk & Wire has been selected as an honoree of IMS Global’s 3rd Annual Connected Learning Innovation App Challenge. The award program recognizes organizations developing innovative apps and tools using open standards that make it easier to enhance teaching and learning.

It would be safe to say that in 2015-2016, more than 95% of the new schools we serve heeded our advice to seek deep integration using LTI. It would also be true that approximately 45% of our longstanding clients have also taken up the same solution for transparent and seamless tool use.

It is an honor to be recognized, among such a highly competitive field of organizations, as the mission of Chalk & Wire and IMS Global are essentially inseparable. We will continue to improve and promote the issues of interoperability on campuses.

Created in 2014, the Connected Learning Innovation App Challenge program recognizes the development of innovative apps and tools to enhance learning. The use of IMS Global standards means these apps can be easily and seamlessly integrated with a growing ecosystem of over 400 IMS certified products.  Winners were selected by a panel of expert evaluators using a rubric that measured 14 characteristics ranging from functional utility to usability.

Winners were recognized during the 2016 Learning Impact Leadership Institute, May 23-26, in San Antonio.

Congratulations to the entire Chalk & Wire team!

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