By Kim Dorrington on Friday, August 12, 2016

New features were recently released in Chalk & Wire including many exciting updates for students, faculty and administrators.

For students, new enhancements include upgrades to portfolio editing including:
• Image editing
• Precise, one step content placement
• Microsoft OneDrive integration
• Student tagging; and
• Theme customization to control banners, color choice/rendering and even eye-catching banner animations

In addition to the new tools designed to raise student ownership, engagement and ease of use, we’ve also created a powerful outcomes tracking display on the student dashboard to empower at a glance and deep exploration of progress by outcomes over time. Students can find more detail here.

Also in our latest update, assessors will find a new, simplified assessment interface. The assessment options that assessors are accustomed to are still available, but many have been moved and/or adjusted to simplify and enhance the assessment experience, especially on mobile devices. In addition to the familiar side-by-side assessment interface, a full-instrument view option is now available. Finally, entering comments is now easier than ever, as assessors are presented with a template of frequently used comments, which they can pull from as they are assessing work. See more detail about all of the updates for assessors here.

Administrators now have easier access to data and reports. For example, they are provided with a new Output Option—“Display Unique Student Counts”—which provides the number of students who contributed to the assessment data in the report and different ways to re-sort and isolate data sets.

Field Placements are now easier to manage, as administrators can select which stakeholders are permitted to view a field placement. Also, the Field Placement Importer can now import custom fields and tags. More detail about these updates for administrators can be found here.

Stay tuned. We’re supercharging the assessment interface and more. Additional information on assessment and administrative enhancements will be delivered to your inbox soon.

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