By Gigi Devanney on Thursday, January 19, 2017

We were fortunate again this year to to be asked to offer our year-end commentary to eCampusNews, as well as predict education trends for the new year. In this year’s 14 Hot Higher Ed Trends for 2017, educators and tech leaders, including our CEO Geoff Irvine, take a look at what is ahead including the increased impact of non-traditional students, the growth of badging and a continued awareness of energy conservation.

According to Irvine, badging and micro-credentials will gain more prominence in 2017:

“2017 will be the year that more institutions dip their toes in the alternative credentialing and badging lake. IMS Global’s involvement in open badges adds obvious heft to the acceleration and the adoption of the Open Badges Standard. This will in turn drive developers in the field to standardize, enhance, and automate highly portable, integrated, micro-credentialing solutions as 2017 unfolds.”

Additionally, “Some schools, pressed by low enrollments and/or poor retention, and a desire to leap frog their competition will pick up the tools to motivate millennial students, hungry for more frequent, slickly packaged, success-hits than the macro-credential degree is offering.”

Please read the full commentary and article here.

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