By Kim Dorrington on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

One of our go-to higher education publications is eCampusNews and CEO Geoff Irvine was fortunate enough to share his thoughts with the publication’s editor in two recent articles. In “Answering the value question in higher education” Geoff is the first to say that assessment solutions alone are not the silver bullet to determining the value of higher education.

Excerpt from eCampusNews article published Jan. 6, 2015:

“Some of our higher education clients tell us that we are their third assessment system in less than five years…Assessment cannot be fixed by spending more money on IT and technology alone. If the campus staff and assessment leaders just replicate the usual measures in the shiny new system, they will get the same inconclusive evidence that plagues them now.”

Separately, in a round up of higher ed thought leader viewpoints for the coming year, “2015: Key trends in higher-ed technology,” Geoff discussed the difference between an assessment culture and a culture of assessment, as well as why a healthy culture of assessment begins with faculty.

Excerpt from eCampusNews article published in Jan./Feb. digital issue:

“In the coming year, look to liberal arts colleges to lead the charge in breaking new ground in assessment, as they are less encumbered by process and are more nimble.”

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