By Justin Pitcher on Thursday, March 30, 2017

As a contributing member and strong supporter of IMS Global, Chalk & Wire attended the organization’s Quarterly Meeting & Summit, Feb. 27-Mar. 2, in Orlando. IMS Global members had the opportunity to network, offer feedback about key market applications and help direct upcoming IMS efforts, including Open Badges 2.0.

In Jan. 2017, IMS Global took responsibility for advancing the evolution and market adoption of the Open Badges specification. The quarterly meeting provided an opportunity to explore this transition and new developments. Open Badges is a technical specification and set of associated open source software designed to enable the creation and issuing of verifiable credentials across a broad spectrum of learning experiences. Open Badges 2.0 will include additional features like enhanced endorsement capabilities, multi-language badges and more flexible outcomes alignment.

A leading education technology organization, IMS Global’s work to articulate the value of Open Badges for learners, educators and employers will help add great legitimacy to the process. At Chalk & Wire, we know that higher education institutions are continually seeking ways to better serve their students and provide support for lifelong learning. With the growing interest and enthusiasm for alternative credentials and Open Badges, we look forward to helping shape the next phase of this movement with the IMS member community and also the digital credentials working group.

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