Fostering mutual support and professional development, our aim is to bring customers, events and ideas together. Unique, interlocking community channels connect diverse users on key topics and provide expertise to issues demanding solutions.

User Webinars

Chalk & Wire presents a revolving, virtual webinar series to platform users throughout the year. The varying subjects highlight new features as well as seasonal topics. They provide timely orientation and valuable information about best-practice usage.
Check back often to see upcoming webinars!

Online Forums

Crowdsourcing at its best! Chalk & Wire hosts forums for institutional administrators on a variety of key topics. Power users can easily exchange ideas and resources with others. Discussion groups deal with a variety of topics, including "Cross-campus" and "Year One" implementation approaches and strategies, ways to expand local support for students and faculty, program specific issues, features and functionality. You are not alone—the Chalk & Wire community is here to support you! Chalk & Wire Administrator and Faculty users can access our forums from the main menu link in their Chalk & Wire instance.

Users' Conference

Chalk & Wire holds a biannual conference hosted by one of our partner institutions. Attendees are the first to find out about new and upcoming features, watch leaders from our administrator community present their most recent innovations, participate in hands-on workshops, and gain knowledge at breakout meetings and various topics. Chalk & Wire’s owners and key managers are available throughout to discuss your emerging needs. This is also a great opportunity to network with other assessment professionals.

In addition to our corporate Twitter account (@chalkandwire) we maintain an account dedicated solely to the support of our users. This fully staffed channel has proven to be one of the most natural places to seek urgent help, especially for students. Got questions? Tweet our Support Team @ChalkSupport.

To reach out to professionals in a range of fields related to education, Chalk & Wire maintains a very active LinkedIn presence. Connect with us to receive updates on blog postings, articles, press releases, and more. Watch for posts from CEO Geoff Irvine, who has over 40 years of experience as an educational leader, as he advances the conversation about the many challenges educators face and the triumphs he has witnessed.

Our Facebook space presents highlights of Chalk & Wire’s day-to-day work and news about recent or upcoming events. See what drives us and what occupies our thoughts as we strive to be the most trusted provider in an ever-changing field. Connect, Like us, Share and Comment today as you browse the eclectic world of Chalk & Wire — our award winning tools, service and people.