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Chalk & Wire is a company of academics and developers devoted to making sure that sound, research-based educational practice is what drives the use of educational technology. Our suite of tools and services has given educators the power to build systems that house authentic student work samples and assessment-related data sets. As part of our mission we continually strive to be the world’s most trusted provider of solutions that monitor and verify learning.

How It All Began

In 1995, a group of talented educators and information technologists at the Communications Research Centre in Ottawa developed the first web-based eportfolio, assessment and reporting tool. We were, at that point, the only company operating in the integrated field of web-based learner assessment and multi-level analytics. Countless hours of development and client-led innovation has evolved into the sophisticated Chalk & Wire ePortfolio and Assessment System that has been successfully used at over 400 academic and organizational institutions.

We’ve Been Different From the Start…

Just as the tools we offer have been leading edge since our inception so too has our company culture. Well before they were buzz-words, Chalk & Wire had the traits of an Agile, Web 2.0 company that maintained a low carbon footprint.

No “Brick and Mortar”

Since our beginning 15 years ago our employees have worked in a distributed environment. We have no central office space, and instead employ a dedicated team as the ‘bricks’ with the tools of information technology being the ‘mortar’ of our company.

It has been our experience that good employees will deliver excellent results from wherever and whenever they choose to work. Some of us are early birds, others do their best work between midnight and dawn. With an ever expanding suite of communication tools, a communal working environment is simply not necessary. Should we want or need a face-to-face meeting, our development team, directors and project managers purposely live in the same city and can meet in a formal boardroom or simply have a coffee together at any time. We are happy to support our employees’ individual life and working styles. In turn, our clients are rewarded with a superior experience and product.

We Work With You The Way We Work with Each Other

Our work culture is extended to our clients. Our customers can expect to have regular contact with a deployment mentor, as well as to various people from our company, including Chalk & Wire’s CEO and owner. Ultimately, it’s about the total Chalk & Wire experience… anything to help you succeed.

Our goal everyday is to sustain the highest levels of service and innovation long-term while continuing to keep our operating costs as low as possible. Following this philosophy, we continue to grow at a healthy pace.