The power of portfolios and assignments.

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Flexible Structuring and Templating

Structure your key assessments using Tables of Contents and Assignment tools. Define content requirements for submission, provide instructions and questions, and attach resource files.

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Ease of Use

Our robust text editor and drag & drop file uploader allow you to add and embed text, images, forms and media—including video and audio files. Users can take advantage of our Dropbox integration to quickly import files from another device or location.

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Connect Your LMS Assignment to Portfolios

Easily embed assignments in your courses from most Learning Management Systems. Using single-sign-on and LTI students can seamlessly launch from an assignment into the appropriate section of the portfolio.

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Sharing & Archiving

Share whole portfolios, or just one or two pages to internal or external reviewers via email, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Convert any portfolio to a collaborative space, and invite others to contribute. Portfolios can be saved as a PDF or as HTML.

Expired user accounts are archived and guaranteed readily accessible for a minimum of 4 years.

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Approved edTPA® Platform Provider

As an original partner in edTPA®, Chalk & Wire provides complete support for the creation and submission of edTPA® assessments. We provide a system library of Tables of Contents for all subjects, and allow edTPA® portfolios to be submitted internally for local evaluation, as well as transferred to Pearson for official assessment.

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Assessment & Feedback

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Intuitive, Flexible Assessment

Assess submitted portfolio work and assignments, complete assessments of work not entered into the system, or upload assessments that have been completed offline already.

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Better Feedback

Chalk & Wire offers text and audio commenting for submitted text, audio, and embedded video.

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Attached documents can be opened directly on-screen for in-line annotation and feedback.

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Smarter Assessment Workflows

Submitted work can be passed on to individuals or assessment groups for further evaluation. Identify and escalate assessments for multiple reviews of the same work.

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LMS Gradebook Integration

No more double assessment! Using LTI 1.1, our integrated assessment system allows assessors to assess for competency and push a grade back to your LMS.

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Monitor Results

Chalk & Wire provides at-a-glance overview of student submissions. Search, sort and view all the assessments that have been completed, are in-progress, or are pending. Focus in to see assessment details, annotations and marked-up work.

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Turnitin Support

Does your institution use Turnitin? If so, then Turnitin Originality Reports can be performed within Chalk & Wire.

Accreditation Management

Addressing Your Specific Accreditation Needs

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Our tools include templates for all major accrediting bodies.

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Collaboratively assemble and edit data, report narratives and create documentation to securely present to colleagues and accreditation teams.

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Institutional Reports and Exhibit Rooms can also be published online, or downloaded to PDF for external stakeholder review.

A Collaborative Environment

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Files, text, videos and reports can be shared with your team for real time collaboration and commenting.

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Versioning is controlled by checking files in or out.

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Granular permissions can be implemented.

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Create Tasks for Yourself or Others

Our collaborative workspaces allow members to create ToDos for themselves and others. Attach due dates and add comments.

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Stay in the loop!

Team members can participate in threaded discussions within the same interface as the work itself. Workspace histories and daily email digests provide at-a-glance information on content status and team participation.

Surveys & Forms

Big Picture Analysis and Decision Making

Chalk & Wire allows you to go deeper than assessment scores. Our forms and surveys tools can gather data on a broad spectrum of activities, which can be used to pinpoint problem areas and create an informed curriculum response.

Create and send questionnaires to external assessors and employers at no additional cost. Deploy surveys that aggregate data on student dispositions and demographics. Use our forms to gather, track and report on any aspect of instructional process. Embed forms to ensure a 100% response rate. Supplement your current course evaluation tools by gathering opinions about the impact of instruction and course quality.

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Flexibility and Ease of Use

When creating forms, a wide range of question types are available including type-in-text, ranged choices, response grids, multiple and single choice questions and more. Survey question branching is also supported.

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Import Existing Data

Your existing data can also be easily imported for use in reporting.

Experiential Learning

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Easy & Fast Templates

Save hours of time by eliminating repetitive tasks. Reusable Field Placement templates let you quickly place students in service learning, internships, field placements, and clinical rounds.

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Schedule Assessment and Feedback

Schedule assessments and surveys to be completed by candidates and stakeholders at a given point in time.

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Experience Tracking

Assign journals to be completed by the candidate to track their hours and experiences. Optionally require entries to be verified by a stakeholder.

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Flexible Process

Assign students to placements directly, let students apply for open placements or let students suggest placements.

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See Experience and Exposure at a Glance

Once placement work has started, both supervisors and students can track progress at a glance. Quickly see whether students are getting experience in diverse placements or achieving the hours required for specific kinds of experience. Chalk & Wire utilizes public databases to present profiles of placements based on essential characteristics. This helps assure a full spectrum experience for students in internships. Our reports visually display student experience to date, which can be compared with state or national norms where they are known.

Reporting & Analytics

Chalk & Wire's reporting tools were developed with institutional research in mind. Our content-neutral reporting is capable of multiple levels of analysis that address the important questions of any discipline.

Generate simple descriptive reports showing mean, median, standard deviation, and distributions (numeric and graphic) of individual assessments. Delve deeper and develop more complex reports, such as correlation and cluster analyses, linear regression, and more.

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Point in Time (PIT) Reports

PIT reports are snapshots of student progress as they relate to specific instruments or learning outcomes at that point in time. Aggregate and dis-aggregate this data on a number of levels with our reporting tool.

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Progress Over Time (POT) Reports

Combine multiple snapshots to see how students are developing throughout your program. This is also beneficial for comparing multiple cohorts of students before and after curricular changes have been implemented to see if they are having the desired effect. Use our Chi-Square probability calculator to determine significant differences.

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Data-Driven Improvement (DDI) Reports

Use demographic variables to perform action research. Discover how and why some student groups respond atypically to your curriculum and compare how achievement in certain learning outcomes predicts performance in others.

Explore and Manage Your Data

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Contextual actions allow you to browse your data, drilling up and down through its linkages.

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Reports can be saved, exported to various formats, embedded in portfolios and shared with colleagues.

Assessment Design

Rapidly Author & Deploy Valid Assessment Systems

Put our decades of experience to work! Our straightforward solutions can accelerate the development of valid and sustainable assessment systems across your entire institution.

Learn more about our expert guidance.

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Flexible Rubric Options

Easily create new rubrics, import your own rubrics and make use of templates. Our rubric building process allows your outcomes to drive the content of the criteria and save you time.

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Easily Link Your Assessments to Outcomes

Connect rubrics directly to learning outcomes to accurately evaluate student performance and institutional initiatives.


Whether accessing us directly, or embedding us inside an LMS assignment, Chalk & Wire will look the part.

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Your logo, not ours appears on the page. And the site's colour palette can be customized to match your institution's.

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We can also customize portfolio themes to skin student portfolios, or choose from the theme templates included with each site.

Need Something Very Specific?

Have something custom in mind? Ask us and we'll see what we can do.

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