We Are A Company of Educators

Our services are rooted in a knowledge base founded on nearly two decades of building assessment systems in collaboration with hundreds of Universities and Colleges. Our experienced consultants are proactive providers of knowledge and skills. They are the difference between just getting the software working, and building solutions that transform programs and institutions. They know what it takes for you to succeed.

We Know You Are Unique

Our focus is on addressing the specific needs of your institution. We are just as devoted to helping our partners with accreditation management, assessment system design concepts, their implementation, and their impact on campus culture, as we are with developing quality software that makes the life of those concepts possible. Your success is our first priority.

And We Will Help You Succeed

We will show you a path to a new and sustainable world wherein a solid assessment platform actively enhances all aspects of institutional effectiveness. Our CoreValidity process is a highly effective solution developed from more than a decade of research and application. It provides comprehensive tools, concepts and step-by-step procedures that support and automate the rapid development of sound rubrics and system elements.

Guidance For Free? Why?

Sharing freely what we know and rolling up our sleeves to help institutions connect the dots in their new system is a powerful investment for us that pays dividends for everyone. It is uniquely Chalk & Wire.

First, a strategically designed assessment platform generates valid data. This makes it very valuable, very quickly. The result is something people are not just satisfied with, but also proud of. When people feel this way, they tell their colleagues.

Second, visible early value drives the desire to use Chalk & Wire year after year. Our institutional renewal rate is over 99% annually and has been for many years. We work hard to maintain this and to improve on it.

Other companies say they will mentor us. Isn't that the same as expert consulting?

No. Simply put, a mentor is by definition an experienced and trusted adviser; someone who, if asked, will help you advance.

Our consultants take mentorship further. We are personally invested in your success and proactively go above and beyond to ensure that you and your institution achieve your goals.