Chalk & Wire can appear as normal student assignments directly at the course level within the user interface of most Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Moodle, Sakai and more. Use Single-Sign-On (SSO) to seamlessly launch from an LMS or through local portals.


IMS Global Interoperability standards LTI 1.1 (LTI 2.0 pending) and LIS 2.0, combined with our Public API provide out-of-the box integration solutions for both tools and information systems. And if you need something custom, just ask! We are committed to partnering with you to achieve valuable integrations that will rationalize and simplify your work.


Integration helps improve user workflows and eliminates redundant labor. Automatically pull from your Student Information System (SIS) to auto-populate accounts and groups. Once integrated, Chalk & Wire accounts can be automatically created. Push grades directly from our system to your gradebook, and use our APIs to pull assessment data out.

We Love Standards!

We are big fans of IMS Global and their interoperability standards. We were one of the earliest adopters of LTI 1.1 (and are pursuing 2.0) and are still one of the only tools to have adopted LIS 2.0.

"But my system doesn't support these standards!"

Speak up! Tell your system vendor to support these standards. And while you wait, we will work with you to develop a custom solution or you can make use of our external APIs.

Official edTPA Partner

As an approved platform provider of edTPA®, Chalk & Wire provides complete support for the creation of and submission of edTPA® assessments. We provide a system library of Tables of Contents for all subjects and allow edTPA® portfolios to be submitted internally as well as transferred to Pearson for official assessment.

Why Integration?

Our goal is simple: provide a unified, transparent experience that does not add work for anyone, while leveraging the power of a full-featured assessment and accreditation management system.

As educators, we feel that faculty should focus on teaching, not wasting time logging into various systems, or opening grade books to assess the same work multiple times. Nor should they be spending their valuable time setting up key assessments. These should be in place, ready to use and look like any other assignment.

Likewise, students should be able to access work aimed at measuring what matters for their course, while simultaneously presenting their skills to inform program and campus decisions about continuous improvement. They should locate that work where they expect to find it, and submit it for assessment with no muss or fuss.

At Grace University we highly value the assessment capabilities of the Chalk & Wire platform. We use Its Learning as our LMS. As part of our roll out, we asked Chalk & Wire to give us the ability to access their platform from within Its Learning. I was impressed with the results: the integration team at Chalk & Wire who invested much time and effort to understand and create an integration module that helped us to provide a single entry point in to the two systems. We are looking forward to continuing to work with the Chalk and Wire Team as we build other features into the integration. The team provided us with personal attention and were focused on meeting our needs.

Ron Shope,
Grace University

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