Common Sense, Responsive Pricing—Chalk & Wire provides everything you need to quickly build out a systematic, sound, sustainable assessment platform with no hidden fees or limits.

To facilitate your planning, the two most common scenarios for pricing are presented. If you have specific needs or there are unique circumstances that you feel we should know about, please contact us so that a deployment plan, pricing and payment plan can be designed to ensure, not only a good launch, but growth and sustainability.

All prices are stated in US Dollars for commercial or institutional sales. Chalk & Wire does not sell new subscriptions directly to students.

Scenario 1: Individual User Subscription

  • Deployment to under 3000 users annually.
  • The space available for each user is unlimited.
  • “Career Pledge” (post expiry users can continue to access and use their files, publish portfolios and to interact with their institution at no additional fee).
  • No formal contract is required. Letters of Agreement are offered if asked. Termination requires only thirty days’ notice.
  • There are many ways these accounts can be activated via an LMS or some other supported portal.
  • All subscriptions are renewable at the same price as new accounts.
Pricing for Individual User Subscription:
1 Year One-time fee of $46
2 Years One-time fee of $77
3 Years One-time fee of $88
4+1 Years Free 5th year is added: One-time fee of $99

Chalk & Wire does not sell new subscriptions directly to students.

Scenario 2: Enterprise Pricing

  • The annual fee per user, per year declines as the number of users purchased each year increases.
  • The space provided for each user is unlimited.
  • “Career Pledge” (users continue to be able to access and use their files, publish portfolios and to interact with their institution at no additional fee).
  • “Site averaging” across all activated accounts may apply depending on the use-case scenario in an effort to take in to account the upload of large files as a norm.
  • Minimum three -year contract wherein YEAR 1, the organization need order only 50% of its intended full order at the same, low, discounted price.
  • This solution most often involves the integration of Chalk & Wire such that annual, auto-account creation and renewal takes place for all users.
Pricing for Enterprise Users:
Number of Student Users Price
3,000+ $22/ePortfolio user/year
7,000+ $19/ePortfolio user/year
11,000+ ~ $16/ePortfolio user/year (price is negotiable depending on actual number of users exceeding 11,000 and the use-case scenario presented).

Assessor & Administrator Accounts: Accounts for assessment purposes and administration are provided free of charge regardless of which scenario is applied.

Fully integrated ONE Price Platform: All tools and feature suites are fully integrated and provided as a single platform at no additional fee. Put another way, there will never be new core functionality that you need to purchase.

Continuous solution improvement and upgrades. Chalk & Wire encourages and actively solicits suggestions for new features and upgrades from its users. Upgrades (2-4/year), some minor, some major are provided at no cost.

There are no annual fees of any kind.

Pre-deployment Training is the only other cost. Discovery, pre-deployment consultation for best solution system design and set-up (3-5 virtual meetings) and 2.5 days of customized onsite training is required. This is followed by routine (weekly or biweekly) virtual follow up; all by an assigned Engagement Lead. The total package cost is a one-time fee of $4500.00 to be paid to Chalk & Wire.

Subscription Renewals

Expired accounts are not purged, but remain available to renew. If you have graduated, please click here to renew your account. If you are a current student at a university or college using Chalk & Wire, you will either be given direct access through your LMS or you will purchase a renewal from your program administrator or a reseller approved by your school. If in doubt, contact your institution's Chalk & Wire administrator for details.