High Value at a Reasonable Cost—Chalk & Wire provides everything you need to quickly build out a systematic, sound, sustainable assessment platform with no hidden fees or limits.

Many providers show you ‘the metals of value’ to describe their feature packages and service levels—Bronze, Silver, Gold. Chalk & Wire provides one level—all features, full service. You cannot do this work well if you are missing core tools and services. Name your most valuable metal, that's what we provide for everyone.

Deployments of less than 3000 students annually use an affordable subscription model based on the number of years of access students will need. Our fees are highly competitive, and on mean are among the lowest there are for the value provided. Global currency: For consistency’s sake all prices quoted by Chalk & Wire are in USD.

For larger deployments, given a multi-year agreement with the institution, significantly price-reduced accounts are available on a sliding scale depending on the total number of accounts active each year, and the use-case scenario proposed.

Accounts for assessment and administration are free and unlimited in number for each institution.

Expired accounts are not purged, but remain available to renew. If you have graduated, please click here to renew your account. If you are a current student at a university or college using Chalk & Wire, you will either be given direct access through your LMS or you will purchase initial access and renewals from your program administrator or a reseller approved by your school. If in doubt, contact your institution's Chalk & Wire administrator for details.

Our data collection is surely easier now because we aren’t doing “double entry.” The data is assessed, reported, and retained in the same system.  We no longer need someone to manually move data from spreadsheets to data charts.

Chandra J. Foote, Ph.D.
Professor of Education and Associate Dean
Niagara University

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For deployments larger than 3000 students, call us today to discuss pricing options that are tailored to your budget.