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ePortfolio with CWReporter

Easily integrate course-embedded and raw scores,
legacy data, and demographic data in one system.

  Per User
1 Semester (Renewals Only)1 $ 26
1 Year New or Renewal with ePortfolio $ 46
2 Year New or Renewal with ePortfolio $ 77
3 Year New or Renewal with ePortfolio $ 88
4+1 Year New or Renewal with ePortfolio2 $ 94

Pricing applies to Higher Education and Professional Organizations. Faculty accounts for assessment purposes are free of charge unless the number required is greater than 10% of the paid user count or the intention is to support Staff Development (Lead, Rank & Tenure) across your campus. K-12 schools should contact us directly at 1-877-252-2201 for preferential pricing.

Contracted, large-scale deployments: Chalk & Wire has specialized, very low-cost solutions for schools that expect a large (greater than 3000 paid users) and predictable number of accounts to be deployed annually over a number of years, and potentially across multiple programs. Please contact us directly at 1-877-252-2201 to discuss your needs.

You-Host Solutions: While Chalk & Wire generally hosts the solution for institutions, for many years we have offered a cost-effective solution for organizations who prefer to host the entire solution securely on their own network. This makes sense in some cases where the institution wants to handle all aspects of the LMS and SIS integrations we offer. Chalk & Wire provides free set up, upgrades and specific support on-going. Options provide a wide range of locally hosted installation solutions: single-server, full-enterprise (unlimited, single campus), and full-enterprise (unlimited, multiple campus). Please contact us directly at 1-877-252-2201 to review your options for this.

Alumni Renewal Form

If you have graduated from an institution where you have been using Chalk & Wire and would like to renew your ePortfolio account, please download and complete the Alumni Account Renewal Form as instructed. Pricing is indicated on the form and payment should be remitted by check. When your letter is received your account will be renewed and notification, along with a receipt, will be sent by email.

CWReporter Data Points

For those who have legacy data for students no longer attending their institution, but who have comparable data to students currently enrolled, Chalk & Wire makes available limited accounts as data points. These do not have portfolios and will not support live assessment. They will only accept imported demographic and scoring data using our automatically formatted spreadsheets. This can add valuably to the weight of the extant dataset gathered from authentic sources produced by your current students. As students representing such data points never login, such accounts are not suitable for, nor will they be provided to students currently enrolled as this would eliminate vital authentic assessment and feedback. Data point accounts can be renewed annually to add more data to them as it becomes available from other sources.

  Per User
1 Year CWR Data Points $ 8.50

K-12 clients should contact us directly at 1-877-252-2201.

Note: Prices are listed in US Dollars and subject to change without notice. Institutions considering adoptions in excess of 3,000 accounts should contact us at 1-877-252-2201 for pricing.

1One semester is equal to 5 months.

2This is a 5 year account to allow for students unable to complete in four years. If enrolled students continue to need access past 5 years, having purchased the “4+1” accounts, Chalk & Wire will renew these accounts at no cost upon request from the institution.