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Chalk & Wire’s ePortfolio, Assessment and Data Analysis Tools

We work with you to create a culture that feeds successful accreditation while fostering a commitment to academic and professional growth benefiting your entire organization.

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Students & Learners

Storage space for your account is essentially unlimited in size—easily author an unlimited number of individual and collaborative portfolios for assessment as well as for personal development and career search. Get feedback from teachers and assessors now, and keep your work to showcase to future employers long after graduating.

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Teachers & Assessors

Streamlined assessment processes are flexible and easy-to-use. Our tool features text and audio commenting for webpage content, including streaming video and audio files. This allows for clear and relevant feedback for learner improvement. A focus on flexibility and validity lets faculty and staff confidently track and report on specific goals and outcomes using customized rubrics, surveys, forms and evaluations.

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Chalk & Wire enables administrators to collaboratively manage, author and share Accreditation reports and digital Exhibit Rooms entirely within the tool. Customize your entire system to suit local processes and goals. Link assignments, assessment instruments, standards and learner demographics. Run simple or complex statistical analyses based on any elements in the chain to get snapshots of performance, reveal progress over time, compare group performance and test data for validity.