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Author Unlimited ePortfolios & Assignments

Sharing a PortfolioEditing a PortfolioManaging Files

Rapid, Easy Authoring.

Use a robust editor to add and organize text, embed and resize images, and include a variety of media files… all from a single screen.

Full support is provided for the upload and conversion of video and audio to streaming formats to enhance and speed up authoring and review process.

Powerful Sharing Capabilities.

Easily share learning artifacts, documents, images, multimedia files and reports.

Share portfolios as a whole or in parts with a variety of internal and external reviewers. Share via email, through Facebook™, Linkedin™ or Twitter™. Import and reuse portfolio pages and sections across multiple representations, including career search portfolios.

Storage & Transportability

Storage space is essentially unlimited with no artificial ceilings or additional fees.

Upload files as big as a gigabyte (this can be limited by the local institution). In addition, portfolios can be downloaded and saved locally or to an external drive, disc or external website environment. Expired accounts remain housed on our secure servers and may be reactivated years later.

Flexible Structuring

Structure portfolios with Tables of Contents (TOCs) & Assignment design tools.

Use TOCs as templates for defining portfolio structures. Provide learners with instructions, questions, attached resources and linked assessment instruments and standards. Instructors can create their own assignments outside of a portfolio structure with custom instructions, or choose centrally developed assignment templates and rubrics to assure data alignment.

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Assess & Provide Feedback

Sharing a PortfolioEditing a PortfolioManaging Files

Flexible Assessment

Assess work using a variety of assessment instruments and methods.

Chalk & Wire allows for the assessment of portfolio pages, manual assessment of student work not captured in the portfolio, as well as offline assessment that can be uploaded to the system at a later date. Rules for anonymity, load and randomness can also be applied.

Scoring & Commenting Options

Assessors can evaluate evidence of achievement and provide timely and relevant feedback to learners.

Text and audio comments can be applied directly to student submitted text, audio and video artifacts. Comment on whole video artifacts or specific video frames to provide relevant feedback quickly and easily.

Assessment Chains & Escalations

Work can be passed on to individuals or assessment pools for further evaluation.

Escalation based on student performance automates remedial actions such as reassessment of marginal performances, as well as committee assessments.

NEW - Student Results Overview

At a glance overview and access to student submissions.

View and examine all the assessments that have been completed, are in-progress, or are pending.

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Surveys & Forms

Form BuilderEditing a Portfolio

Flexible & Robust

Multiple question types are available as well as data import tools.

A wide range of question types are provided from type-in-text to ranged choices, response grids, multiple and single choice questions. Branched question threads are also supported. Learner data (test scores, normed exam results, demographics) can be easily imported into Chalk & Wire for use in reports.

Course & Program Evaluations

Gather useful data on course quality and feedback on student experience.

Easily deploy program evaluations as part of a capstone portfolio, ensuring 100% completion rates.

Dispositions & Demographic Surveys

Deploy surveys that aggregate data on student dispositions and demographics.

Use this data to perform action research by filtering results against learner assessment scores.

Portfolio Embedded Forms

Collect data directly into forms from within a student’s portfolio.

This can help support work integrated learning activities such as journals and counting experience hours.

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Reporting & Analytics


NEW - Online Reporting Tool—Results Live ™

With a few clicks provision point in time, progress over time, data driven improvement and validity reports.

Add or remove variables to instantly redraw the report to test hypotheses. Order and re-order tables with one click. Drill down from the instrument report view to see criteria, linked standards, constituent work samples, and a full range of other information related to each report. Save reports for later use in documentation as well as embedding within portfolios for circulation, comment and publication.

Full Scope Statistical Analysis

Chalk & Wire allows you to analyze more than simple distributions, means and medians.

Use our Chi Square calculator and simulator tools to test for significance. Compare rubrics and assessments for evidence of predictive validity, as well as summative scores with internal holistic assessments to see if there is any correlation. Test for data validity and agreement using our Correlation Matrix and Cluster Analysis tools.

Data Only Accounts

Learners do not need to create portfolios in order for you to make use of their data.

Leveraging legacy data you already have makes it easy to hit the ground running and ramp up your assessment system over time.

Systemic Validity Diagnostics

Test any elements of your system design that might compromise validity and fairness.

Pre-built reports can suggest what actions you could take to correct any problems however they may arise.

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To Do'sWorkspaceDiscussion

Create Accreditation & Faculty Exhibits

Our tools allow you to easily save, assemble and edit analytics right in the software.

Author report narratives collaboratively in workspaces. Develop work samples to securely present to anyone in the world. Use them with accreditation teams, or prospective employers.

Sharing and Version Control

Files, text, movies and even reports and analytics can be shared with any team you create.

Team members can check documents and artifacts in and out to control editing and versioning. While being edited externally, the file remains locked in the Chalk & Wire system. Once checked in, the new version is presented alongside the older one.

Threaded Discussions

Give life and a social environment to the workspace and its members.

Set up, manage, participate and follow discussions that address issues related to the work.

Workspace History

At-a-glance work management & review.

See daily roll-ups of completed work. Generate histories of each person’s involvement over the life of the project. Track and follow new discussions.

Peer Assessment Tools

If applicable, workspace members can assess and comment on each others contributions to the overall project.

This is a benefit to assessors who may wish to gather data about different perceptions and gain insight into the value of different kinds of work.

NEW - To-Do’s

Create and assign tasks to workspace members.

Assign priority, comment on specific tasks, and mark as complete to track progress.

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Flexible System Administration


Rapid System Authoring & Deployment

Import rubrics and portfolios with assignment requirements (such as edTPA™) to be up and running in a few hours.

Chalk & Wire makes it easy to develop and configure your assessment system.  National, state and international standards are automatically included in your customized site. Unit and cross-campus assessment efforts are quick to co-ordinate in the same system. Cross-linkage of multiple standards and outcomes is a matter of a simple drag and drop.

Manage Campus-Wide Deployments

Chalk & Wire gives you a flexible group hierarchy and permissions toolset. Quickly allocate, filter or roll up work samples, rubrics and assessment data by selected groups and demographics.

In Chalk & Wire you can create or import groups and subgroups to isolate people and data to mirror your organizational structure. Groups on campus can independently manage their own assessment structures, assessment, surveys and accreditation reporting. The system also allows for the cross-unit alignment of data to create large, comparable datasets reflecting the entire institution’s efforts. This creates a constant flow of information for Institutional Research and self-study reporting, streamlines collection and eliminates redundancy.

Archiving Submissions for Future Review

All learner portfolio submissions are versioned and archived along with related artifacts and assessment data.

Iterations over time are available. These provide for future comparative use of the submitted work in accreditation, research and program-audits, as well as learner-progress and changes made based on feedback.

Integrate with SIS Systems

An open, Public API and ePUpdate™ Server solution are provided with full documentation to allow you to build whatever processes you like.

Automate and schedule the import of rosters, account creation, push or pull of demographic, scoring and other relevant data to assessment and reporting. Integration consulting and help is provided at no additional fee. Chalk & Wire has integrated with Banner, Datatel, PeopleSoft, Jenzabar and Microsoft SharePoint.

Integrate with LMS & Other 3rd-party Tools

Learners can access their assessments and portfolios without logging into another system or choosing an assignment from another interface.

Embed portfolio-based assessment as course assignments directly within the Learning Management System.  Full support for BlackBoard™, Moodle™ 1.9/2.0 (also Moodlerooms™ 1.9/2.0 Certified, Sakai™, WebCT™ (CE/VISTA), Brainhoney™. Fall 2012: Turnitin™. Coming soon: Canvas™.

Robust Data Importers

Import data for users who are no longer with the institution to extend the size of a comparable dataset.

Bulk update user demographics and other user information from any spreadsheet or data dump in ASCII formats.