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Reporting & Validity

Chalk & Wire Performance Analysis

Chalk & Wire’s robust reporting engine was developed with institutional research in mind. As such, it is a content-neutral reporting tool, capable of multiple levels of analysis that address the important questions of any discipline. We like to compare our reporting engine to an Olympic-sized swimming pool. At the shallow end, users can generate descriptive reports, showing, for example, mean, median, standard deviation, and distributions (numeric and graphic) of individual assessments. At the deep end, users can develop more complex reports, such as correlational and cluster analyses, linear regression, and much more.

In short, Chalk & Wire’s reporting tools can take the user way beyond frequency counts to true analysis of student and program outcomes. And, best of all, the reporting features are a free, fully-integrated component of the Chalk & Wire system!

Point in Time (PIT) Reports

Snapshot reports are where students’ progress is shown relative to learning outcomes. Our reporting tool has the ability to aggregate and dis-aggregate this data on a number of levels.

Point in time report

Progress Over Time (POT) Reports

Combine multiple snapshots at specific intervals to get an understanding of how students are developing throughout your program. Also beneficial for comparing multiple cohorts of students before and after curricular changes have been implemented to see if desired changes have taken effect.

Progress over time report

Data Driven Improvement (DDI) Reports

Use demographic variables and perform action research on how and why some student groups respond atypically to your curriculum. DDI can also be used to compare how achievement in certain learning outcomes predicts performance in others.

DDI Report

Validity Reports

How well is your system configured in terms of validity? We have pre-built reports that you can use to find variances in your scoring patterns or identify statistical gaps in how you collect data.

Validity report

Note: Custom reporting is also available and developed at no cost. Just let us know what you would like to achieve and we will do our best to make it happen.