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Chalk & Wire Support for edTPA™

From the first public mention of TPA, Chalk & Wire has been an advocate of sound practice on behalf of institutions and candidates in our routine communications with the edTPA R&D team.

Our message has been:
  • The creation of the portfolio and its submission must be user-friendly.
  • Submission must be transparent and error free.
  • Institutions should be able to embed edTPA tasks into their day-to-day curriculum such that local assessment and feedback processes can be leveraged to address edTPA requirements simultaneously.
  • Faculty, who best know their students, must have access to a copy of the edTPA submission portfolio for the purposes of comparison between in-house assessment and external assessment of their candidates and therefore be able to facilitate change for improvement of student teaching practices.
  • A copy of the edTPA submission should be available at any time for the candidate to review locally.
To these ends, Chalk & Wire provides:
  • The full range of edTPA portfolio structures, complete with detailed requirements and instructions (updated as the edTPA is refined). These are available in our System Tables of Contents Library to authorized IHEs who have been identified by Pearson.
  • The full range of edTPA rubrics that can be linked to edTPA portfolios for internal assessment.
  • A process for one-click import of relevant School of Education assignments to the required edTPA Portfolios.
  • Support for detailed text and audio commenting of document content and video to provide useful feedback to candidates.
  • Unlimited storage space to accommodate raw video files along with full instructions for compressing these files so they may be successfully transferred to Pearson.
  • One click transfers to Pearson
  • Failsafe transfer process that validates the candidate package for completeness and the use of correct file types. If issues are found, the candidate is immediately shown what needs to be corrected.
  • Monitoring the success of transfers. Administrators can see the transfer status of all edTPA portfolios.
  • On-going storage of our copy of the edTPA candidate submission for user and institutional reference at no additional fee.