Customer Support is not a Product.
It is a Core Value.

User support and service has always been the basic pillar of Chalk & Wire's day-to-day culture. Since we began 15 years ago, we have continuously provided comprehensive support solutions to ensure the initial and continued success of each of our users. These solutions are part of the package when you choose Chalk & Wire, not an additional option with gradations of service.


Toll-Free Telephone and Email Support

If you have a question or concern, text chat or email us any time. Seven days a week, we respond to all requests in a timely manner (8:00 AM- 8:00 PM weekdays, 9AM-9PM weekends EST).

Real-Time Screen Sharing and Collaboration

We understand that sometimes the most efficient and effective way to solve a problem is to see it first hand.

User Guides and Online Support Documentation

Our support documentation provides step-by-step instructions, with annotated images, for all features and workflows within Chalk & Wire.

Virtual Training

If you are new to Chalk & Wire, our Support Team is happy to offer a scheduled or impromptu training session.

Real-Time Webinars

Virtual meetings are used to address frequently asked questions and to introduce new features.

Annual Users' Conference

Each year we host a retreat-style meeting over two and a half days at one of our partner schools. During the event, Chalk & Wire clients who have registered can attend various sessions, which are kept purposely small and intimate to facilitate our users' interaction, sharing and hands-on activity.

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We're Here to Help

We understand that new tools and practices will always generate questions. This is why we are always on standby, ready to assist our users, whether they are students, faculty, or administrators.