Customer Support is not a Product.
It is a Core Value.

User support and service has always been the basic pillar of Chalk & Wire's day-to-day culture. Since we began 15 years ago, we have continuously provided comprehensive support solutions to ensure the initial and continued success of each of our users. These solutions are part of the package when you choose Chalk & Wire, not an additional option with gradations of service.


Toll-Free Telephone and Email Support

If you have a question or concern, text chat or email us any time. Seven days a week, we respond to all requests in a timely manner (8:00 AM- 8:00 PM weekdays, 9AM-9PM weekends EST).

Real-Time Screen Sharing and Collaboration

We understand that sometimes the most efficient and effective way to solve a problem is to see it first hand.

User Guides and Online Support Documentation

Our support documentation provides step-by-step instructions, with annotated images, for all features and workflows within Chalk & Wire.

Virtual Training

If you are new to Chalk & Wire, our Support Team is happy to offer a scheduled or impromptu training session.

Real-Time Webinars

Live webinars are hosted weekly for students, faculty and administrators focusing on a variety of tools, workflows, FAQ topics and to introduce new features.

Sample Webinars
Getting Started with Chalk & Wire: Students

The typical student workflows used in Chalk & Wire to access assignments, add/upload and submit work for assessment, as well as how to review completed assessment results are covered.

Creating Professional Portfolios

This webinar covers best practices for creating customized portfolios for personal and professional purposes. Importing and adding content, customizing the look/feel of the portfolio and sharing the portfolio outside of Chalk & Wire have been highlighted.

Assessor Orientation and Managing Assessment and Results

This assessment and administrator focused webinar provides an overview of the typical assessor workflows used in Chalk & Wire to access student submissions, assess and comment on student work, review completed assessments and more.

Basic Reporting using Results Live for Administrators

This webinar covers the basics of using Results Live to generate assessment data reports, including the process of running simple Point-in-Time reports and Progress-over-Time reports, as well as how to browse the results using various drill-down options and more.

An Overview of our integration with edTPA

The student, assessor and administrator workflows associated with edTPA are outlined in this webinar.


Crowd-sourcing at its best! Chalk & Wire hosts forums for institutional administrators on a variety of key topics. Power users can easily exchange ideas and resources with others. Discussion groups deal with everything from "Cross-campus" and "Year One" implementation approaches and strategies, ways to grow out local support for students and faculty, how to address program specific issues, and discussions about features and functionality. You are not alone—the Chalk & Wire community is here to support you!

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We're Here to Help

We understand that new tools and practices will always generate questions. This is why we are always on standby, ready to assist our users, whether they are students, faculty, or administrators.